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  Building Progressive Workplaces

  • Employers can get support to build progressive workplaces through WorkPro, when they employ mature workers and back-to-work locals, or place their employees on flexible work arrangements (FWAs).

  • WorkPro is jointly developed by the Ministry of Manpower Singapore, Singapore Workforce Development Agency, Singapore National Employers' Federation and the National Trades Union Congress.

  • Companies should approach NTUC for assistance, including consultancy services, and advice to apply for WorkPro. This is a free service for all companies. Only applications submitted to NTUC directly by employers will be considered. Applications made via consultants or external parties acting on company's behalf will not be accepted.

To download the WorkPro Application Form and more information, please click on the respective links:

Work-Life Grant Booklet: HERE

WorkPro Application Form: HERE

List of approved Work-Life Grant Training Providers: HERE

List of approved Work-Life Grant Consultants: HERE

Tripartite Advisory on Flexible Work Arrangements - Tips to implement Flexible Work Arrangements in your workplace: H​ERE

Watch how a Singapore SME implemented flexible work arrangements with the help of WorkPro

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Resources for Working Parents

Do you wish that you work in a work-life friendly company?​

Some workplaces in Singapore have implemented different flexible workplace arrangements such as:

• Flexi-Time

• Flexi-Place

• Flexi-Load (part-time work, job-sharing)

You should check with your employer if these arrangements are available to you. If there are no formal arrangements, here's a quick guide on how you can approach your employer:

How To Get Your Company To Be Family-Friendly.JPG ​


How to Get Your Company to be Family-Friendly

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