Happy Workplaces

Give a thank-you surprise to your co-workers!

Co-workers are the silent heroes in our lives. They are the ones who helped us cover our work while we attend to family matters. They are the ones who treat us to a cup of coffee when we are tired from attending to our sick family member the night before. They are the ones who took over the task so that we can spend the time with our family. They can also be our supervisor who allowed us to take an urgent break to attend to our family needs.

They have given us so much and we could give back to them.

Do you have supportive co-workers or supervisors who have taken the extra mile to help you in your caregiving needs? Are they role models who always spread happiness and positive energy in your workplace? Do you wish to send them a special thank-you surprise?

Share your story with us and let us know why you would like to thank your co-workers. Every quarter, selected entries would receive a surprise by our Happiness Crew, bringing special thanks from you and U Family.

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Points to note:

- The Happiness Crew are volunteers and they can visit a limited number of workplaces.

- You do not have any family relations to the co-workers (e.g. relatives working in family-run businesses).

- Submissions will be evaluated by U Family based on the content of the nomination.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Data

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5. I acknowledge that NTUC U Family owns all rights to the photographs and video recordings.

6. If I do not wish to have any photographs or video recordings taken of me, I will inform the organiser when I get selected to take part in the events of Happy Workplaces.

7. I consent to be contacted by NTUC U Family via email, text messages, fax and/or post for matters relating to U Family programmes and activities as well as to give my opinion/feedback on such matters. If I do not wish to be contacted for these purposes, I will inform NTUC U Family at

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